Become a CPA mentor

Give back and invest in the future of the CPA profession by becoming a CPA mentor. Your involvement will help future CPAs achieve the required competencies they need to earn their CPA designation. Learn about your role as mentor, the program's benefits and how you can get involved.

As a member in good standing, you can provide guidance to future CPAs to help them develop the required competencies and skills needed to excel in today’s business environment.

Your role as mentor

Your role as a CPA mentor does not require you to help future CPAs with their education, examination preparation or job search. Instead, you can expect to:

  • provide future CPAs with support and insight that can broaden their mindsets
  • give back and invest in the future of the profession
  • enhance your personal growth and professional development from mentoring
  • receive access to free CPD-eligible resources and tools
  • commit approximately 15 hours of your time per year to the program

There are three ways to get involved in the CPA mentoring program:

  1. Volunteer to join the CPA mentoring pool.
  2. Participate in your organization’s pre-approved program, if there is one.
  3. Accept a mentor request from a future CPA.

Process of becoming a mentor

  1. Orientation: Successfully complete the web-based orientation webinars.
  2. Registration: Register with your provincial/regional body and declare completion of the orientation webinars.
  3. Confirmation: Receive emails from your provincial/regional body confirming receipt of your application, and confirmation of your membership status and application approval. Upon approval, you will gain access to free CPD-eligible tools and resources.
  4. CPA mentor: Get matched with a future CPA.

CPA Mentorship Program: FAQs for Mentors  provides answers to frequently asked questions about the CPA mentorship program.

 to become a CPA mentor today. If you experience any issues, please contact your provincial/regional CPA body.