Organizational performance measurement

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CPAs play a pivotal and crucial role in creating resilient, adaptive, innovative and sustainable enterprises (RAISE). MAGs will prepare CPAs to address day-to-day business issues as well as critical disrupters that influence their decision-making processes.

Learn how to achieve your organization's strategic objectives in uncertain, unpredictable and volatile environments. This four-part series is your essential guide to implementing a business model canvas approach.

Learn how to implement a strategic approach to analyzing and changing the way you do business. This introduction to the business model design describes a cutting-edge tool for ensuring your relevance, sustainability and growth.

Learn how to navigate and address day-to-day business issues and critical disruptors that influence your decision-making process. Formulating and applying a business model canvas can help achieve your organization's strategic objectives.

Follow the journey of Nespresso, a subsidiary of Nestlé, to see how it applied the “keys to success” and redefined the coffee industry when it created its highly successful business model.

Learn from a real-life example how to implement a business model at your organization. Follow the journey of the razor and blades shaving industry, which achieved its strategic objectives using this important tool.

Learn to use process-based management (PBM) to enhance customer service and value. Our four-part series will help your organization increase its efficiency without sacrificing customers' needs.

Learn the hands-on essentials for making outsourcing decisions, choosing a provider and managing finance and accounting outsourcing (FAO) relationships effectively with our practical guideline document.

Gain insights from 20 years of academic research on non-GAAP measures. Leverage this research from academics around the world to better understand some of the reporting, governance, regulatory, and educational aspects relating to non-GAAP measures.

Help your non-profit organization execute its performance measurement strategy. This resource will help your organization through a four-step framework that will effectively address the needs of your stakeholders.

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