National technology forum 2019

Explore important emerging technologies in accounting, business and finance at this must-attend conference for senior leaders. Connect with peers, experts and pioneers on best-fit technology solutions for your clients or organization.

Event Details

Jointly Presented By:

CPA Canada and 180 Systems

Location and date:
Toronto May 22-23, 2019

The world is changing, and so is the way CPAs, senior financial leaders, IT consultants and other trusted business advisors approach industry challenges.

The National Technology Forum 2019 is a unique opportunity to network and learn about forward-thinking tech strategies that support innovation, performance and sustainability. It is one of Canada’s leading events for practical guidance on technology evaluation.

Over the course of two days, you can expect high profile keynotes from the tech world, sessions on the latest tech solutions and feature comparisons, plus interactive roundtables, panels and workshops.

Gain a better understanding of how emerging resources, tools and trends across the tech landscape will impact your business – from big data and artificial intelligence to cloud computing, blockchain, new ERP platforms and more.

Check back soon for updates to the 2019 agenda.

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Special offers/promotions

New this year: an expanded exhibition floor to showcase more cutting-edge products and services. Post-forum workshop also available.

Additional options and pricing may be available. See pricing and registration for more details.


12 (plus 3 or 6 for workshop) CPD hour(s)

You will learn about:

  • the business impact of tech
  • technology-assisted practice
  • insights on tech upgrades and replacements
  • how to enhance service delivery and value
  • big data
  • artificial intelligence
  • cloud computing
  • blockchain
  • enterprise resource planning
  • IT strategies
  • robotic process automation
  • machine learning
  • the internet of things

Who should attend?

Senior leaders, CPAs and other trusted business professionals who are responsible for the technology investment decisions of their organization or clients. This includes:

  • CFOs, CIOs, vice-presidents and directors of finance
  • controllers and assistant controllers
  • partners and managers in advisory practices
  • IT consultants

More Details:

Session Descriptions

Customer Journeys
Customer Journeys where ERP, HR and BI customers, interviewed by independent consultants, will provide a real-life account of their experiences from selection to implementation

The definitive ERP Road Map
The Definitive ERP Road Map will feature today’s leading developers sharing their plans for major product enhancements and the embedding of technologies like AI into their products

Business Challenges and Solutions
Business Challenges and Solutions where a panel of ERP, HR and BI customers will talk about specific process and reporting challenges they experience in real-life (some industry specific), and the solutions they have implemented to address the challenges.

The ERP Business Case - Fact or Fiction
The ERP Business Case – Fact or Fiction will feature a panel of ERP customers who will shed light on the rationale to justify investment in a new ERP system; the expected benefits and the reality after implementation

Business Challenges and Solutions
Business Challenges and Solutions where a panel of CRM vendors will talk about business process challenges being faced by SMEs today, and how their solutions address the challenges

vCFO - A Viable Revenue Stream
vCFO – A Viable Revenue Stream will illustrate the emerging need for virtual teams, the difference a consulting role and a virtual team member role, and how to create a new viable “advisory service” to offer

Future Tech - Changing Your World
Future Tech – Changing Your World will feature a multi-media, rapid-fire survey of examples across multiple sectors; hold more informed discussions with SME clients about disruption in warehousing, energy, agriculture, ownership; including drones, 5G networks, and brain computer interface

RPA for SME/SMPs will feature a unique panel of an RPA vendor, RPA customer and an advisory professional in a lively discussion on RPA and its relevancy in the SME/SMP market space, followed by a live competition pitting an RPA bot against the panelists

The RPA Journey
The RPA Journey will include a unique combination of RPA customer, RPA vendor and auditor in a lively, moderated discussion to follow the path from RPA needs assessment, project scope, risks, selecting system and partner, implementation experiences, and benefits attained

How To Use Blockchain to Address Today's Business Issues
How to use Blockchain to Address Today’s Business Issues will feature a panel of leading blockchain vendors discussing current initiatives to bring the technology into the mainstream; applying blockchain to challenges like GDPR, identity management and data posterity

Leveraging Edge Computing
Leveraging Edge Computing will introduce you to the latest networking topology around the technology; what it is, how it may be embedded into your daily activities and how to leverage edge computing to improve operations

A Selection of Optional Post-Forum Workshops

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Technology Solutions Workshop
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Technology Solutions (SOLD OUT in 2018); a full-day workshop where you will benefit from insights gathered over many years by a team of leading experts who will provide you with guidance based on their extensive experience and real-life engagements

The Forum 2019 Blockchain Workshop
The Forum 2019 Blockchain Workshop; a ½ day workshop where you will learn what blockchain is all about by seeing and experiencing it for yourself, in a sandbox environment created especially for the workshop

Venue[s] and Accommodation[s]


1 Harbour Square, Toronto, ON M5J 1A6
t.:(416) 869-1600

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