Angelo Gentile

Angelo is a lawyer in Dentons Canada LLP’s Toronto Tax group. His practice focuses on tax litigation and commodity tax, including GST/HST, provincial sales tax, excise duties, customs, tobacco tax, land transfer tax, employer health tax and gasoline tax. Angelo specializes in resolving a wide range of tax disputes at early stages of the tax dispute process. Particularly in the field of sales tax disputes, Angelo’s intimate knowledge of the GST/HST, coupled with his practical knowledge of the tax litigation process and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)’s administrative decision-making process, allows him to arrive at creative solutions to sales tax disputes that would have otherwise proceeded to trial. Nevertheless, if a dispute cannot be resolved before trial, Angelo has experience representing clients at various levels of court, including the Tax Court of Canada, the Federal Court of Appeal and the Federal Court. Angelo also represents clients making voluntary disclosures with the CRA.